10 weeks, 1 million downloads and growing…


We are super excited to announce that PicCollage has passed 1 MILLION downloads today!

PicCollage was first released in the App Store 10 weeks ago, but in the world of mobile app development, 10 weeks can feel like a lifetime.  We’ve come a long way since the original version of PicCollage that was pushed to the App Store back in July.

Some improvements were more obvious than others:


Like its icon, the features in Version1.0 were minimalistic and basic.  But just as groovy, and it got the job done.  A one-(blank)page app that allowed you to create a simple collage using intuitive touch gestures to move around and resize your photos.  It supported creating one collage at a time and saving it to your Photo Library and to send it by email:

Since then, we’ve been on a weekly-update schedule, releasing a new version with feature and design upgrades and minor bug fixes each week, once Apple approves the previous one.  In a way, Apple’s relatively slow app-review process has kept our sanity in check by giving us a few days’ buffer between releases.

We received instant feedback about our bare-boned version of PicCollage from our users and friends at 500Startups, and quickly added social features to our next few versions.  With the ability to pull photos from Facebook albums (this is particularly useful for our numerous iPad and iPod users who seldom have photos stored locally on their devices), share collages to Facebook and Twitter, and to create multiple collages and later view and edit any one of them like an interactive photo-book, we continued to grow at the rate of a 100,000 new downloads per week.

On the back-end (invisible to the naked eye), we’ve improved stability, scalability, and touch-sensitivity.  We’ve added new touch gestures such as Tap-and-Hold to move a photo to the back, and Double-Tap to add filter effects powered by our partner, Aviary.

On the front end, we improved our design and added a new ”Gallery” to view and edit previously created collages:

We’re working at lightning speed to make PicCollage smoother, bug-free, and more fun and interesting — a place where everyone will be sharing their stories and memories through social and collaborative collages.

If you’ve already downloaded PicCollage here, a heartfelt thank you for your support and being part of our early growth.  We’ll be rolling out a few new features soon that we’re very excited about and hope you will be, too!

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