5 Fun Ways to Make a Photo Collage

Want to make picture-taking and sharing more fun? Consider making a photo collage!

Remember how much fun it was to make a collage in elementary school? Now, you can do it with the touch of a few buttons on your iPhone – no more scissors and glue!

To help get your creative juices flowing, here are 5 ideas to get you started..

1) Baby Beauties – we know you have tons of photos of your little one, so why not use them all to create the perfect baby collage. You can add that hospital photo, bringing baby home, sleeping, bathing, etc and have one adorable collage that the grandparents will love!

(Courtesy of Pic Collage user Kelly Sears)

2) Love Notes– now that the mix tape has gone away, what better way to show your love than to create a collage of the two of you. Add pics from your first date, that romantic vacation you took, moments from your wedding, and all those candids you snapped when he/she was sleeping (we know you took them!). Then, email this over for the sweetest love note ever or share on Facebook to profess your love to the world!

(Collage of a best friend’s wedding)

3) Photo booth – remember jumping into a photo booth with 10 people and making all those crazy faces? Now we just take these crazy pics using our iPhones, but you can still get that retro photo booth look without having to physically squeeze into that one booth!  Add all those crazy pics and take new ones, add them in one collage, and share with all your friends.

(Courtesy of Team Cardinal Blue, creators of Pic Collage)

4) Vacation Memories – if you’re like us you take a million photos on vacation, so why not chronicle your trip in a collage? Create one collage that shows your favorite spots, or even a picture from each day to show where you were to help you remember when you did what. Now, that’s a quick way to scrapbook!

(Courtesy of Ching-Mei Chen, pic collage of trip to Yilan, Taiwan.)

5) Family Time – during family celebrations, snap a pic of each family member and something to commemorate the event like a birthday cake, new house, anniversary decorations, etc. Add them all together and you’ll have a collage to share with the whole family – a perfect thank you to share on Facebook with all your guests!

(Courtesy of Pic Collage user Debbie Chick)

To create collages like this and many, many more, download Pic Collage for your iPhone or iPad and don’t forget to share them with us too!

Have any photo collage ideas to add to our list? Share them below to inspire everyone!

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